Engagement Classes - age 15 to 17

Our Engagement classes are for you if you are age 15 to 17 and will help you in grades 11 and 12. You are ready to choose the subjects you want to specialise in and you know what you want to focus on. You will learn how to engage in the subjects and develop your critical thinking and become more independent in your learning. 

You will explore and discover the full range of academic subject areas including a choice from our subject list of 14 subjects. Each week you will dedicate your time to four subjects. The timetable will be set for you and you will be taught by experienced teachers in small classes of maximum 15 students. Find our full list of subjects in our brochure
On Fridays you will join in our challenging and stimulating workshops and lectures on topics relevant to your success – both now and in your future. These are run by experts and acclaimed celebrities in their fields.

Specialist areas

Explore with Computer Science - British Columbia

Explore your technology interests in our computer science three-week course. The innovative course combines theory, experimentation and the technical with hands on project-based learning. You will learn about multimedia production, programming, embedded systems, robotics and web-design. You also study mathematics, physics, art and other related subjects to help you prepare fully for computer science. You develop your technical skills, as well as your team-work, communication and confidence with technology. 

Engage with Medicine - New Brunswick

Engage in our interactive, innovative and immersive three-week medical program if you are interested in studying medicine. Our course includes:
  • The application process to medical school and helping you prepare
  • Anatomy, physiology and pathology of organ systems
  • Hot topics such as antibiotic resistance, ethics and the law
  • Visits to medical institutions such as hospitals, GPs and research facilities
  • Link to a local medical school in New Brunswick
  • Team work, communication and leadership workshops
  • First aid course leading to a qualification
  • Research project