Meet our team

Meet our team
The Academic Camp Canada team is committed to providing the best possible service to our students, clients and partners. If you have questions or concerns our team will be pleased to help you.
Helen Lami, Company Director and Data Protection Officer +1 (778) 381-5762 +1 (778) 381-5762 
Tom Cashmore, Director of Camp Operations +1 (778) 381-5762 +Direct dial: +44 (0)2039599376

Helen Lami

I have over 10 years experience working on summer schools and I look forward to welcoming you to Academic Camp Canada. I believe Academic Camp Canada will offer you a quality summer course with a difference. We offer you a course which will help you to reach for your future both academically and socially. The programme is integrated and focuses around the ethos of the IB Diploma and Advanced Placement which we believe is useful to all students whether or not they are planning to study the qualification in the future. We encourage you to be an independent learner and we help you prepare for your future studies.

I enjoy working in education and I especially like working in the international market and I love meeting people from different cultures. I believe that English is an International language which we all use to communicate. It is exciting when we get together and share our different cultures and experiences. I hope Academic Camp Canada will help students to have this experience. I would be very happy to discuss students' future academic plans with them and suggest appropriate schools and courses for them. I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have about Academic Camp Canada.
Tom Cashmore

Academic Camp Canada is truly an amazing opportunity for young people to develop many important life skills, explore the beautiful country of Canada and above all have an unforgettable Summer experience! I have been involved with the UK academic summer school for 7 years now, of which 2 years I enjoyed a key role as part of the senior management team in the central London campus. I started working the Summers as a counsellor before University and enjoyed it so much that I have kept coming back! I am now looking after all of the making and running of our camp in Canada and will always be pleased to hear from you and do my best to answer your questions.

Throughout the Summer I will look forward to getting to know you, and you will also learn a few things about me! I have always been passionate about education, I am always looking to learn new skills having previously studied a four year masters degree in international business at Plymouth University. My most proud of achievements include meeting Prince Philip after finishing my gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and completing service with the British Red Cross, Scouting groups and the National Trust across the UK. My favourite interest is travel as I've been to many countries including backpacking across Europe and Asia.. I haven't been everywhere, but it's definitely on my list!

I hope you enjoy everything we offer and spread the word about the special experience you have had with us.

Paige Phillips

I am excited to be returning to Academic Camp Canada as a Camp Manager. I have received my degree in business, with a major in human resources and have most recently been working at Brentwood College School, which is the campus for the British Columbia location. I have a lot of experience of working with children and youth in multiple areas including private nannying, education and camps.
Growing up my family hosted over 21 international students in our home; this is where my love for learning about cultures began. Even though I have had the opportunity to travel, I believe that cultural experience and knowledge is gained through relationships with people who have a different background than you. This is one aspect of ACC that is diversified by the wide variety of international students who attend each year. The open dialogue and inclusivity that is integrated into our culture allows a platform for these relationships to form. I can’t wait to create and learn from the students of our camp this summer.

Moyra Bell 

This summer will be my second season working with Academic Camp Canada at Brentwood College School. In my role I wear many colourful hats including Summer Camp Manager, Activity and Games Specialist, Theory of Knowledge Teacher, and Yoga Instructor. I grew up attending a wilderness camp in Northern Ontario for 10 years, which I loved so much! My camp experienced helped me to understand that my passion is to create a fun, safe, and challenging environment in attempts to create meaningful relationships with self, others, and the natural world. Because of my passion, I have been working as an Outdoor Experiential Educator for the last 6 years, and have most recently been working at Brentwood College as the Outdoor Pursuits coach and Health Educator. Another interesting thing about me is that I love games; you can bet we will be playing a bunch!

Last summer was jam packed with so many fun Vancouver Island adventures-my personal favorites being the campus wide scavenger hunt, whale watching, exploring Rath Trevor Beach and walking the trails at Englishman Waterfalls. On behalf of all the camp counsellors and teachers, we are so excited to meet you and make your summer camp experience a memorable one!